Styles of Writing

The directives used in the question, give a hint as to the style of writing to be used. In essay writing, the two most widely used styles are expository and persuasive.


This style of writing is designed to explain, describe or give information on the topic in hand. An expository piece should have the following characteristics:

- Facts and or logical information in support of the topic

- Examples to support claims etc.

- Clarity with respect to explanations

- Logical ordering with smooth transitions

Below is an example of Expository Writing.

In 1990 Jamaica had only one telephone provider, Cable and Wireless. Although Cable and Wireless had landlines in approximately 85 percent of the communities in Jamaica, it had less than 5 percent mobile-phone penetration. Then, through liberalization, Digicel came into the market. Digicel has since invested just over US$850 million in network installation and network improvement to meet anticipated demand, strategic training, community empowerment and subscriber consultation. Today, ten years later, Jamaica has one of the highest rates of mobile-phone penetration in the world, with Digicel having the lion’s share with just over 2 million subscribers.


In this style of writing, the writer takes a position for or against an issue and writes in an attempt to convince the reader to accept/agree to the taken position. A persuasive piece must:

- Have adequate facts and or logical arguments to support the taken stance

- Use the active voice

- Present ideas/information sequentially and in order of importance so as to build the argument.

- Quote sources as a means of validating points.

Below is an example of Persuasive Writing.

Fast food is bad for your health. The high consumption rate of fast food is one of the major causes of obesity in many regions across the world. In Japan, a country renowned for having one of the biggest economies and contrastingly, arguably one of the ‘lightest’ populations (in terms of average weight of the population), the average weight of the population has increased significantly since the advent of fast food chains such as McDonalds. A recent health ministry study stated that a record 15% of Japanese children are now overweight, with an increasing number showing signs of diabetes and heart disease. The report so stunned the education ministry that it ordered a three-year survey of the health of all school-age children. Fast food has in this case given more than enough evidence of its ill to society, which is leading to its own eradication.

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