Choosing a Topic and Outlining

Choosing a Topic

Before choosing a topic, consider the following:

- Read all the options and brainstorm to ascertain for which of the topics you can present the most well expounded points.

- Narrow your topic or choose a topic that is narrow enough for you to effectively argue/make solid points instead of a topic which is vague or so wide, that you are left generalizing and struggling to develop the essay.

- Consider the topic that you can adequately cover in the allotted time.

- Choose the topic that interests you the most. This is advisable as discussing the topic with the required assertiveness and writing a well developed argument will seem like second nature.

- Consider the topic that requires your preferred writing style.


It is crucial that having decided on your topic, you quickly jot down all the points that come to mind.

Next, think of the most logical order in which to present these points to develop and support your argument, and number them in that sequence.

Finally, think about the information that you will present to support these points, what the topic of each paragraph will be and how many paragraphs you are going to write.

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