Question 6 Answer

(a) Government is responsible for maintaining law and order.  Law and order is maintained by legislation through the courts and by the police force.

Government is responsible for the provision of social services such as education, health, welfare programmes and sanitation.

Government is responsible for the management of the economy. This includes controlling inflation and stimulating economic growth.

(b)  If government does not provide social services many persons will not be able to access these services because they cannot afford them. This may have consequences of high infant mortality rates and high illiteracy rates.

If the government does not manage the economy through its various fiscal and monetary policies, inflation will spiral and growth will be stagnated. The right policies will ensure that the economy functions optimally to achieve growth and development.

(c) (i) One request by the citizens of Paradise Community that is a government responsibility, is the need for the roads to be repaired. The other request for the internet service is not a responsibility of government.

(ii)  It is incumbent on the local government representative to ensure that there is proper infrastructure for citizens to carry on their daily activities. The rep. must therefore provide the necessary resources such as capital, material and labour
through the government agencies to have the roads repaired as soon as possible. He must outline the steps that he will take to have the roads repaired as well as keep citizens updated on his progress.

For the internet service he could suggest that the citizens approach an internet company through their citizen association.

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