Question 6

The citizens of Paradise community have blocked the main road passing though their community to protest the bad road conditions among other things.

Their local political representative is very unhappy that the citizens chose to use this method to air their grouses. However, the citizens explained to the news reporter that they had received several promises that the road would be repaired, but with no results. They also complained of consistent water and electrical problems. Additionally, they are in need of internet service to assist students and small businesses in the community.

(a) Outline three responsibilities of government.

(b) Discuss two consequences of unfulfilled responsibilities of government in an economy.

(c) (i) Identify one request of the citizens of paradise community that is directly a government responsibility and one request that is not a direct responsibility of government.

(ii) Give a suggestion each as to how the local political representative could intervene to solve the two problems identified above.

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