Question 2 Answer

(a) Consumerism refers to the activities involved in educating consumers about their rights and responsibilities and protecting consumers by legislation if they are exploited.

(b) Consumerism prevents exploitation of consumers. Consumerism provides information on consumers’ rights and the various legislation that are available for redress. Consumers have the power to prevent exploitation.

Consumerism also provides redress for consumers if they are exploited. They can speak out on radio programmes, make reports to the Consumer Affairs Commission, the Fair Trading Commission and the Ombudsman.

(c )The Bureau of Standards regularly checks the quality of goods produced by businesses to ensure quality of goods being offered to consumers. They stipulate standards that must be adhered to by businesses in production to ensure quality.

The Fair Trading Commission investigates unfair trading practices such as tied selling (marrying of goods), misleading advertising and untrue sales. Once these breaches are identified the offending firms will be penalized.

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