Multiple Choice Part 2 (20 Questions)

1) The number 0.0417 in standard form is

2) A man bought a shirt at a sale.  He saves $30 on the normal price when he paid $120 for the shirt. What was the percentage discount on the shirt?

3) Given  f : x -> 3x - 1, and  g : x -> x2, then  fg(-2) =

4) The bases and heights of a cylinder and a cone are the same. The volume of the cylinder is  V cm3. What is the volume of the cone in cm3 ?

5) The average of a set of numbers reduces from 14 to 11 when the number 35 is removed. How  many numbers were in the original set?

Items 6 - 8 refer to the pie chart which shows the time a student spends on various activities over a 30 hour period.
6) What is the angle on the pie chart that represents the time spent on Science?

7) How many hours does the student spend on Sports, Science and Maths combined?

8) One hour in the 30 hours is chosen at random. What is the probability that the student is doing Languages or Computer Studies?

9) What is the simple interest earned on $10 000 invested for 3 months at a rate of 5% per annum?

10) The expression  a2 + b2  is equivalent to

11) The perimeter of a rectangle is 26 cm.  The rectangle is converted to a square by tripling the width and taking a quarter of the length.  What is the perimeter of the resulting square?

12) Which of the following pairs of inequalities satisfies the shaded region on the graph above?

13)Some girls play netball. Tall girls are over 1.8 meters in height. All netball players are tall girls. Lee is  1.9 meters tall and does not play netball. Which Venn diagram below represents the statements above? U= Girls     P= Plays Netball      D= Does Not Play      T= Tall Girls

Items 14 - 16 refer to the information below, which shows the time, in minutes, taken by 35 students to solve a problem.
Time (min) 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9
Students 1     10   4    0      2     7     0     5     6
14) The range of the time, in minutes, taken is

15) The modal time, in minutes, is

16) What is the probability that a student chosen at random took 3 minutes to solve the problem?

17) If an increase of 20% will change the price of an  item to $480, what is the original price of the item?

18) If   3(4 - x)  ≤ 4x + 5, then

19) The equation of the line which passes through the point (0 , -3) and has a gradient of 1/2 is

20) The expansion of  (x - 2)2  is

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