Multiple Choice Part 1 (20 questions)

1) Which of the following is a subset of  {b, c, d}?

2) The value of 5 in the number  357.21 is

3) In coordinate geometry, the equation of the x-axis is  

4) 3x - 4(x + 6) =

5) 3 4/5 expressed as a decimal is

6) Which of the following is the Highest Common Factor of 18, 24 and 36?

7) If  -2<< 4 ,  then

8) Items bought by a trader for $80 are sold for $100. The profit expressed as a percentage of cost price is

9) Given that  a  and  b  are integers, which of the following is not necessarily an integer?

10) How many subsets does the set {a, b, c, d, e} have?

11) Which of the following is NOT a prime number?

12) A contractor completed five-ninths of a job before a second contractor completed an additional one-third. What fraction of the job is left undone?

13) 2p2 -15p + 25 =

14) In the diagram, not drawn to scale, TF  is a vertical pole standing on horizontal ground PF.  The angle of depression of point  P from the top of the pole is 45°.  What is the distance PF ?

15) Profits in the partnership of Bess, Bill and Bob are shared in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3.  If Bill's share of the profits is $300, what is Bob's share?

16) The figure, not drawn to scale, shows a triangle of height 4 cm cut from a shaded square of sides 5 cm. What is the area, in cm2 of the remaining shaded region of the square?

17) Which of the following represents numbers greater than -3 but less than 6 ?

18) A man's regular pay is $3 per hour up to 40 hours.  Overtime is twice the payment for regular time. If he was paid $168, how many hours overtime did he work?

19) What is the value of  u  in the sequence     2 , 7 , 14 , 23 , 34 , u ?

20) In the diagram above, triangle ABC is stretched along the  x  direction to form triangle AB’C’ and then triangle AB”C”AC = CC’ = C’C”. What is the ratio of the areas of the three triangles?

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