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Unusual School Clubs

Written: May,2011

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple days ago who attends a high school in Alabama, U.S.A. The conversation went off on a tangent and we ended up talking about school clubs. That conversation was the inspiration for this blog. So here it is, these are the names of some of the most unusual school clubs.

-Crochet Club: In this club students are taught how to crochet.

-Police Explorers Club: I have absolutely no clue what this club is about.

-Four Wheel Drive Club: Well based on the name of this club, I guess is it safe to assume that this club is exclusively for persons who own four wheel drives.

-Equestrian Club: In this club students are taught how to ride or perform on a horse.

-Dodgeball Club: Students play and learn the art of playing dodgeball.

-Harry Potter Club: This club is for diehard Harry Potter fans. Guess they read and watch Harry Potter films.

-Power Rangers Club: lol…ahm I’m speechless.

Did we leave any good ones out? Share them with us.

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