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Truth be told: most teachers struggled in school too!

Written: March,2011

It is the norm that being in a class and not understanding the topic being taught can leave one getting very depressed and de-motivated. This situation becomes even worse if by test time the struggles continue. But believe it or not your struggles are not new. Even your very teacher may have had similar struggles back in high school.

Have you ever asked a Mathematics teacher about an English principle, or an English teacher about a Mathematics principle? Lol…if you haven’t, on doing so the response you will more than likely get is “I am a Mathematics/English teacher I do not know anything about English/Mathematics”. So the moral of this blog is, all is not lost if you do struggle on a topic or with a particular subject. As the song says if at first you don’t succeed, brush yourself off and try again!

Because guess what, truth be told…most teachers struggled in school too!

Sean says:

Yea most teachers only strong in the subject they teach..

March 3, 2011 @ 9:02 am