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Truth be told: Girls aren’t as neat as we think!

Written: February,2011

“Girls are the epitome of organization and neatness…” read an excerpt from an article. But, is that a fact or a personal opinion?

Well girls are definitely more organized than guys, I give them that. Having colour coordinated folders, a daily to do list, and a plan of action for most expected duties- with a bag of goodies to tackle all miscellaneous hurdles- yeah, they are definitely more organized… but neat!?

Have you ever been in a girl’s car? Lol… yup, you know exactly where I am going with this don’t you? Numerous pairs of shoes and slippers all over the place, books, bags, papers and flyers (the ones promoters place on car windscreens) all over the back seat, carpets all crumpled, with their best friend dirt all over them.

Aite aite, I hear yah, that’s just one example…I mean your room is always neat when friends come over. Exactly when friends come over!

If ever you get invited to a girl’s house to study, chill or whatever, the first thing negotiated is the time. Have you ever reached early? Lol… If you do, then you know you’re going to hear ohh, I didn’t get to clean up ma room etc etc.

Truth be told…Girls aren’t as neat as we think!

Riley says:

Girls cars always messy for real!

February 17, 2011 @ 10:32 am