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New School Year = New Me

Written: September,2011

Every year when students return to school from their summer holidays, they often do so with some new philosophy in toe.

This new philosophy can be as simple as a change in their character, their sense of style, the music they now listen to and hum in class, how they speak, and as complex as a change in their spirituality.

What amazes me is not the change made, but the rationale given for the change, and how often these changes are made. I’m aware that as we get older and become exposed to a myriad of varying cultures, and ways of life, that we will reflect on these new experiences and our current philosophy, and then tweak our philosophy accordingly by implementing/ making changes to principles where we deem necessary.

As longs as the reason given for the change is not, ‘I changed which music I listen to because my boyfriend doesn’t like that genre,’ then it’s all good.

Remember the only constant in life is change; hopefully you make a change that is for the better!

Gina says:

yup, my new philosophy is to pay more attention in classes

September 22, 2011 @ 7:39 pm