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The Mindset-Summer Jobs

Written: May,2011

Summer is quickly approaching, and one of the things on most people’s mind, other than their plan to “soak up” as much fun as possible, is to find a summer job to give them the funds to do just that.

Summer jobs are now hot commodities. Teens no longer wish to be subjected to boredom from staying at home in the days, everyday, because their parents have them on a budget. They rather find a week day job no matter if it’s at minimum wage, so they can have their own funds to make their own rules on the weekends.

Ideally, teens should try to get summer jobs in the fields they wish to pursue a career in, but given the state of economies worldwide, ya’ll better take what you can get.

Here’s a Forbes list of best paying Summer Jobs:

1. Caddy: Their main responsibility is to carry golf bags, clean golf balls, replace divots and rake sand straps. Pays approximately $22.5 dollars an hour.

2. Babysitter: Pays $10 – $15 dollars an hour.

3. Pet Sitter: Pays $10 – $15 dollars an hour.

4. Product Merchandiser: Re-stock shelves, take inventory and hand out samples. Pays $12.50 an hour.

5. Sales Associate: Assist in daily operations of a store, assist customers, process merchandise. Pays $11.84 per hour.

6. Pharmacy Technician/Associate: Assist customers; operate cash register: keep pharmacy area clean: create prescription labels etc. Pays $10.74 per hour.

7. Nonmedical Assistant: Act as a caregiver for older people. Pays $10.39 per hour.

8. Housekeeper: Pays $10.02 per hour.

9. Lifeguard: Pays $9.85 per hour.

10. Waiter/Waitress: Pays $9.80 per hour.

Fenton says:

mhm..i have to start hanging around golf courses

May 30, 2011 @ 9:03 am

Lea says:

lol @ last comment..but it’s true though..if u hear of an opening, link a sister :)

May 30, 2011 @ 9:32 am