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The Heat Is On

Written: July,2011

Undoubtedly the worst thing that accompanies the summer holiday is the heat.

Summer is all about having fun and being able to relax. To get a breather from any and everything that will once again become our nemesis when school resumes.

But, why does having the perfect weather which enables us to do all our favourite activities have to come with this at times unbearable heat?

And the worst thing about it is, it gets hotter every year!

A friend of mine wanted to go to the beach the other day to commemorate the beginning of summer, but I couldn’t imagine venturing outside to stay in the sun for four hours, since I was already getting a heat rash inside my house!

If there is one thing I am positive about, it is that summer would be much better without the heat!

Brandon says:

so true

July 3, 2011 @ 3:38 pm