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The ‘I have a boy/girlfriend’ Conversation

Written: March,2011

Telling your parents you have a boy/girlfriend is a big deal to parents. Why? Because parents view this as a sign that you are growing up, and won’t be their little girl/little boy anymore.

So how do you tell them without ruining the good relationship you guys have?

You tell me! You guys know your parents better than anyone else. All you have to do is approach this the same way as you would handle getting them to buy you a really cool gadget or to get them to send you to a party or on a trip.

You firstly get in their ‘good book!’

Make sure you do all your chores (and then some), polish up your behaviour and speech (yea park the mood swings and back answering for a week or two), start keeping your room clean and make sure those grades on the report cards are on the rise.

Then start working your charm!

Make sure your parents are aware that you have been chilling with a new friend. Introduce the ‘friend’ to your parents as just that, your friend, and make sure he or she is a regular at your house so that they (your parents) get comfortable around the person and vice versa.

Knowing parents, they will attribute all the improvements you have made in your life as either a sign that you’re maturing, or as a result of your friendship with this new ‘friend’. And quite frankly, either of these conclusions is acceptable.

At this point, it will be a walk in park and it’s time for the last step.

While having a conversation with them, figure out when is the opportune time to let them know that you’re friend is not just your friend, but your boy/girlfriend. In some cases, this step won’t even be necessary as your parents might ask you about the nature of the relationship before, especially if they like the person!

Gary says:

this is spot on!

March 30, 2011 @ 1:42 pm