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School cliques… In which do you belong?

Written: February,2011

Cliques are small groups of people with similar interest who hang out exclusively with each other. It is this association with persons by which individuals are remembered. So, in which high school clique do you belong? Check out our list of cliques below.

Techies: These are persons who are always having conversations about the latest technologies.

Bullies/Troublemakers: Yup, this group consists of persons who are cruel, especially to smaller, weaker persons.

Athletes: Persons who excel in sports.

Sport Junkies: Persons fascinated with sports; they are always having conversations re past or upcoming sporting events and sports stars.

GQs: This is a term used to describe men who are always well dressed and are popular with the ladies.

Fashionistas: Females who are obsessed with wearing or discussing the latest fashion; whether its ensembles, accessories, shoes or hairstyles.

Tom Boys: These are girls who are everything but, ‘girl like’.

Effeminates: This is a word used to describe guys who have characteristics more often associated with women than men.

Stuck Ups/Uptight: Terms used to describe persons who are overly conceited or snobbish.

Loud/Unruly: These persons are always speaking very loudly and at times are very ignorant.

Music Junkies: People fascinated with varied genres of music. They are always humming the latest songs and quoting their favourite lines from songs.

Nerds: You already know the persons who fall into this category, yup, those engrossed in all things pertaining to school work and nothing but school work.

Dancers: They are always practising or doing the latest dance moves.

Have you seen your clique? Leave a comment telling us about it or whether we left out your clique.

Tom says:

Proud Sports Junkie!

February 11, 2011 @ 8:52 am

Dameon says:

I was Music Junkies in high school, man i listened to too much Kartel at those time.

February 21, 2011 @ 4:43 pm