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Personalities of Teachers

Written: February,2011

If ever you didn’t believe just how much people’s personalities differ, spending one day in high school, going class to class and observing the teachers will most definitely turn you into a believer. Below is varying personalities of teachers.

Model (Hottie Hottie) – These teachers make whatever they wear glamorous. Rocking the latest clothes designs and shoes, their ensembles are always well put together, highlighting their respective best ‘assets’.

Miserable – Wearing a frown and being in the worst mood imaginable are traits of these teachers. It doesn’t take a lot to tick them off, and when you do, you already know you’ll get shout at, or even get embarrassed.

Comedians – Whenever in the presence of these teachers expect to get lots of jokes. Whether or not the joke is at their own expense doesn’t seem to matter, as long as they get you to laugh, seems to be enough.

Forever Young – Have you ever seen some older teachers who are still rocking all the sexy current outfits? They are Forever Young.

Vulgar – These teachers are always using creoles, gesticulating and acting in all manners unbecoming of teachers.

Old Timers – The primary characteristic of an old timer, is that they are always telling stories of events which occurred years ago. One of their favourite quotes being “this never happened in my time”.

Well-Spoken – These teachers always speak in Standard English. They are usually very strict, always preaching the need to have and practise proper decorum.

Wesley says:

i like hottie hottie teachers :)

February 21, 2011 @ 10:20 am

Sean says:

amen @ Wesley..Comedians kool to..

February 21, 2011 @ 10:22 am