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Jobs in which Women earn more than Men

Written: March,2011

Women are very determined in cutting the gap between themselves and their male counterparts in all spheres of life. Though in almost every job men still earn more than women, the Bureau of Labour Statistic in US managed to uncover a few jobs in which women out earn men on average. Some of the jobs are listed below.

-Interviewers: A field staffed predominantly by women, they earn approximately USD$12 more on average per week than men.

-Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers: This occupation is 98% female, with women earning approximately USD$2 per week more than men.

-Life, Physical, Social Science and Health Technicians: Women earn USD$17 more than men in these fields weekly.

-Dieticians and Nutritionists: Accounting for 83% of workers in this field, women earn USD$11 more than their male counterparts weekly.

-Occupational Therapists: Women gross from USD$60,000 to USD$98,000 per year in this field.

-Order Clerks: This field entails functions such as preparing contracts, processing orders and handling customers. Women earn 105% as much as the median amount earned by both sexes in this job.

-Aircraft, Vehicle, and Mobile Equipment Mechanics: Despite only accounting for 3% of the workers in this field, women earn slightly more than men in these fields.

-Bakers: Women earn USD$18 more than men in this job on average per week.

-Dining Room Attendants and Bartenders Helpers: Women earn 111% more than men in these fields, amounting to approximately USD$2000 more than men per year.

-Personal Appearance Workers: This field includes makeup artists, skin-care specialists and manicurists. A woman reportedly earns USD$12 more on average than a man.

Daniel says:

yea these jobs have predominantly women working in the fields!.

March 19, 2011 @ 12:40 pm