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Improving Your Creativity

Written: April,2011

Persons who are innately creative are few and far between. For the majority, being creative is something they have to work on improving.

The options for ways to exude this creativity are abundant, some people write stories, poetry, songs and computer programs; others do paintings and drawings; some make furniture; and others start businesses, among other stuff.

Below are some pointers of how to improve your creativity.

-Take care of your body. Make sure the nutrition, exercise and relaxation are all in their correct moderation, as when our body feels good, our senses heighten, and we can be at our best creatively.

-Try something new. In most cases we don’t give ourselves an opportunity to be creative, because we do the same things the same way every time: the same activities, watch the same shows, read the same types of books etc. Mix things up a little.

-Increase your network. We often socialise with persons who share our same life interests and hence point of views. When you expand your circle, it leads to the advent of new beliefs and thoughts that might incite your outlook on things, and ultimately improve your creativity.

-Make sure you give yourself some down time. A lot of persons are inspired when they are just relaxing.

Remember being creative ought to be fun aka not a chore.

sean says:

good advice..much appreciated!

April 16, 2011 @ 10:29 am

Hugh says:

think most people try to force being creative by sitting and brainstorming, they should just relax!

April 18, 2011 @ 9:37 am