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How to handle those FOUR letter words

Written: February,2011

For those of you who started reading this in hope of seeing a bag of  !@#$ edits, sorry but you’ve just been punked. Those four letter words are probably nice in comparison to the four letter words that we are dealing with here today. So what are these awful words?… drum roll… you guessed it – EXAM, TEST, and QUIZ.

You heart starts to pound, your knees start to shake as you know that these killer words are approaching and everyone tells you things like “these are the most important tests you’ll ever do” or “it’s really really hard.” Perhaps these doomsday preachers are right, but is it really that hard to do well in exams?

Doing well is not some unthinkable dream, but as cliché as it sounds, the key to doing well is PREPARATION. But what is the best way to prepare? Should I go to bed early and wake up at 1am and beat the books like a slave?  Or should I burn the midnight oil until my eyes get blurry? Do I study in a group or do I go it alone? Music or no music? Red bull or no Red Bull? These are some of the many study habits that people bombard you with, telling you that they are tried and true and must work.

In reality they can all work but for you to do your best you just have to DO YOU. No matter what advice people give you, if you are not comfortable with your study methods you will never get the maximum return on your effort. If you need to play some FIFA before you study that’s cool. If you have a song that gives you the right study vibes, blast it as loud as you need to. If you need dead silence that fine also.

Just remember the best study technique that is out there is the one that best suits you.

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February 5, 2011 @ 8:03 am