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Girl Tactics

Written: February,2011

Girls are very traditional when it comes to whether they should approach a guy first or not. However, unlike back in the days, girls have become more aggressive in trying to attract guys of interest within the realms of this time honoured tradition. They now go to lengths to put themselves in positions for the guys to make the first move.

Trust me girls, the guys are not complaining! The only question they might have is, what took ya’ll so long? By making a conscious effort to hang out, call and or flirt with a guy of interest makes the job much easier for males. It gives them the opportunity to now distinguish which girls have a genuine interest from girls that are just friendly.

Guys are no different from girls, they don’t like being rejected. So kudos for helping the fellows out!

Ronald says:

lol..girl dem smart

February 19, 2011 @ 10:22 am