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Written: April,2011

Have you ever fronted? Oh my bad, just in case you don’t know what frontin is, it means to put up a facade to impress or deceive so as to maintain an image with your peers. So now that you know what it means, have you ever fronted?

I have seen persons front for so many things, like:

- To be smart: they ask a lot of questions in class in an effort to come off as being smart, and the funny thing is it almost always ‘backfires’ and they end up looking like the ‘smartass’ they really are.

- To be a jock: when they are with their peers you will never find a more intimidating person, but if you ever encounter them by themselves, or with their parents, #mama’s boy/girl.

- Pretending they don’t like somebody: deep down they really like the person, but because the person might not meet the description expected by their friends, they front as if they have no feelings, and at times they might even make fun of the person.

- Pretending they don’t need to study: yea they pretend to be what people call ‘naturally bright’ claiming to have never studied for a test, quiz or exam.

- To be rich: when they are with peers they brag about all the things they have at their house, and make up all kinds of stories about vacation trips etc.

- To be poor: yea believe it or not people do front to be poor so that they don’t get bullied, looked at with prejudice, and will fit in to a demographic.

The list could go on and on. The truth is we pretend to be so many things on a daily basis that even we forget that we are pretending! #stopfrontin

Jim says:


April 6, 2011 @ 8:49 am