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Exclusive, but Not in a Relationship

Written: April,2011

Mirroring their friend the lion in the jungle, guys are finding unique ways of remaining relevant in the lives of their prey, girls.

The latest trick up their sleeve is to be in an exclusive relationship with a girl, without being in a relationship.

A lot of girls despite being attracted to a guy are very sceptical in making that attraction matriculate in to something more serious, such as a relationship. They are afraid of all the ‘drama’ they claim comes with being in a relationship, and the resulting heart break.

But guys are no longer content with settling for the ‘I like you, but I’ am just not ready for a relationship’ speech, they have dug deep resulting in the creation of a rather masterful scenario. Their come back to that dreaded speech is now ‘Ok, since the feeling is mutual, and we both have a fear of being in relationships, let’s be exclusive, without being in a relationship!’

Yea, guys have come up with a win-win situation. Under this new arrangement, both guys and girls get what they want: guys enjoy all the perks of being in a relationship, and girls get the monogamy they crave without the title of being in a relationship.

Wow…whoever came up with this concept definitely read our blog on improving creativity!

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Sam says:

lol…this concept makes a lot of sense still…

April 19, 2011 @ 8:02 am

Lea says:

dwl…lmao…it is a win-win for real tho

April 19, 2011 @ 8:03 am