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Driving Force

Written: June,2011

Finding motivation to extend effort into school work during the last weeks before the summer holidays is extremely hard.  All my mind seems to be on is spending quality time with the love of my life, that is my bed, watching re-runs of my favourite shows that working on countless assignments caused me to miss, and of course my annual vacation.

But, of course life will not make things easy for me. Instead of just having regular classes for these last few weeks, I have to be channelling all my anger and resent at the educators who planned the school schedule into studying for my finals.

The only thing that drives me to be as focused as possible in this time is the fact that if I don’t get good grades, I know my allowance for the summer will be cut. Yup, unfortunately my parents tie the amount of money I get for my allowance to how good I do in my finals.

What is the driving force that gets you through these last weeks?

Carl says:

my bed..knowing i’m going to have all the time in the world to sleep after.

June 7, 2011 @ 11:52 am