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An Inspirational Poem

Written: April,2011

A Wizz sent us this poem entitled “Make a Difference” a few days ago. We hope you get inspired by it.

The world offers everyone a golden opportunity,
In making life more meaningful and with tranquillity,

Roses planted in each garden enhances its beauty,
Tendered with care, it continues to grow in prosperity.

Love makes the world go around in peace and harmony,
In places where man had fought with bitterness and hate,

A path of ugly destruction uproots its serenity,
That leads us to find answers to its morbid state.

A fallen world leaves us with many deep uncertainties,
As we investigate its torn threads and gather lost strength,

To build a bright future, in exploration of the humanities,
Thus, conquers our fears, as we celebrate in great length.

Man’s knowledge and discovery of his inner and outer world,
Creates a playground for changes in the environment,

Be it a simple task that can alleviate human suffering,
In extending life its daily dose of peace and contentment.

Making a difference is a potential desire to be instilled,
As a personal trait to be fulfilled in each and every aspect,

Of the human race, in its vast culture and religion,
A solidarity given to all minds, open with love and respect.

Ronald says:

nice poem

April 27, 2011 @ 11:09 am