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A Lovers Night

Written: June,2011

Alas today is the day that I become someone
Today I can do anything I can live on a tree
I can fall off a clift 30 ft high
I can fall in love with a really hot guy

The person I’m thinking of is Oh! so sweet!!
He’s one person nobody can beat
He wont fight, he’s so gentle and nice
He listens to the music everyone likes

He’s evensome one my bestfriend will like
Tonight I will dream about something different than the norm
My love for him beyond the see
So as I sit upon the beach gazing at the sunset

Day dreaming of the Two of us
Hand in hand that day that was all I could think about
Tomorrow is school
Though my feelings will not change I have to focus so I can graduate

By Elizabeth D’Alessandro

lenny says:

nice poem

June 11, 2011 @ 10:09 am