Job Opportunities

We are offering a life changing, exciting and rewarding opportunity to talented individuals to self-actualize by utilizing their skill sets, to fill the following positions:


Must Have Skills:
1.) A minimum of 2 years experience in software development, with an extensive knowledge of design and development using Object Oriented PHP 5 in a UNIX/ Linux/LAMP or WAMP environment.

2.) Have experience working with Apache.

3.) Have a passion for the WEB, and a desire to create and implement complex end-to-end computer science solutions.  Applicants should possess an understanding of XHTML, CSS, XML, MySQL and JavaScript.

4.) Have an understanding of AJAX and other Web 2.0 technologies.

5.) Having a Knowledge of WordPress would be an asset.


Required qualifications and skills:

1.) At least a Bachelors Degree in the subject/area of interest.

2.) Must possess good writing skills.

3.) Ability to explain concepts clearly and concisely, without excluding important information(s).

4.) Ability to meet deadlines.

5.) Having teaching experience would be an asset.

Blog writers

Must have skills:

1.) Excellent writing skills.

2.) Ability to create uniquely titled and captivating articles.

3.) Ability to meet deadlines.

4.) Blog writing experience would be an asset.

Please submit all resumes to