The Hardware Components of a Computer System


The hardware components that make up a computer system include:

A peripheral is a device that is connected to and controlled by the central processing unit (CPU).


Exercise 2

 I).      When the computer is working on given instructions, it is called:

(A). Output

(B). Storage

(C). Processing



II).      Which of the following is NOT a function of the control unit (CU)?

(A). Read instructions

(B). Interpret instructions

(C). Direct operations

(D).Execute instructions


III).      Which of the following sequence of instructions does the Control Unit (CU) performs?

(A). Decodes, executes and fetches

(B). Fetches, decodes and executes

(C). Executes, decodes and fetches

(D).Fetches, executes and decodes


IV).      Which of the following units performs mathematical calculations?

(A). Control

(B). Fetch

(C). Arithmetic and Logic

(D).Central processing



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