Section 2

Using one of the following outlines as a guide, write in FRENCH a letter OR a composition of NO MORE THAN 130-150 words. Use the tense or tenses appropriate to the topic which you have chosen.



You are spending your vacation with your pen pal in France. Write a letter to your sister in which you

(i)    tell her about your arrival and meeting your pen pal’s family

(ii)   inform her of  what you have been doing

(iii)  relate an interesting activity that you did

(iv)  request information on your family



Your neighbors are away for the week-end and on your way home late one night you notice that the front door of their house was open. Write a composition in which you

i)    explain why you were going home at that time.

(ii)   say what you saw and what you did

(iii)  relate what took place as a result of your action

(iv)  state what happened in the end.

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