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Write in FRENCH the information required for each situation. Write only ONE sentence for each situation. For some situations, a complete sentence MAY NOT be necessary.

1. In your school library there is a sign forbidding students to eat in the library. How does the sign read?

2. Your sister is going shopping later that day, Leave her a note asking for an item that you want her to buy for you.

3. You leave a note for your father, telling him that you have gone out with your cousin. What do you write?

4. The weather forecaster predicts the next day’s weather. What does he/she say?

5. Your best friend asks what you are going to do next weekend. What does she write?

6. Upon returning to school after the Christmas holidays, you are asked to write two things you did. What do you write?

7. Your dance teacher sent you a text message canceling your lesson today. What did the note say?

8. You telephone your French pen pal and invite him/her to spend the summer holidays with you. What do you say?

9. You are late for French class. Write a note of apology to your teacher and explain why you are late.

10. In an e-mail to your brother who lives in Martinique, you express two wishes for his birthday. What do you write?

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