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Imagine that you are Lizzie. In not more than 120 words, write the letter to the villagers.

Troy: Lizzie Smith! Don’t you know that the students from Guadeloupe arrive on September 20th?

Lizzie: Yes Troy, both the boys and the girls.


Troy: Yes and that’s only a month away. We haven’t found accommodation for them as yet. The hotel says there won’t be any room at that time. As secretary, it’s your responsibility…


Lizzie: I know, I know. I’ll arrange for them to stay in private homes. I’m sure the villagers won’t mind taking them in for a small charge. It’s only for two weeks. Our visitors are booked to leave on the 30th.


Troy: Not a bad idea. Why don’t you write to all the villagers asking them to write to us if they are interested in putting up these students? I wonder how much they’ll charge.


Lizzie: I’ll ask them to give their rates. We’ll have to insist, though, that the villagers who are interested must be able to speak French. The Guadeloupans speak no English.


Troy: At least not the six who are coming. Should the villagers provide meals?


Lizzie: Breakfast and dinner, except on Sundays when they must include lunch as well.


Troy: I think we should let the villagers know that two club members will want to inspect homes and chat with the applicants before making the selection.


Lizzie: Agreed. Letters from those who are interested should reach us by August 15th. Then our members can visit on the 20th.


Troy: After six p.m., I suppose? Should the villagers write to you as secretary?

Lizzie: Right on both counts; I’ll tell them to write to:

The Secretary
Old Boys’ Sports Club
P.O. Box 65
Salmon Village.

Troy: But suppose a villager can put up more than one student?

Lizzie: Then that’s just a bigger plus for us!


(Refer to
previous section

š  Read (passage) – Read the passage to get a general understand of what the author is trying to convey.

The passage is speaking about students coming in for a visit and the arrangements to be made. The secretary is obviously the one to make the plans based off of the discussions between both speakers.


š Read (question)-Read the question asked by the examiner so that you have a better understanding about the information you need to get from the passage.

A letter must be done to villagers to seek their help in accommodation and the letter must include all the relevant dates and requirements.


š  Read the passage (2nd time) – Read the passage again and highlight the points that you think are appropriate to use in answering the examiner’s questions.

Refer to above passage for highlighted points.


š  Order the points – Place the points in order of priority i.e. most important to least important.

Date of arrival, number of students, length of stay and nationality
Requirements for housing students – speaking French, provision of meals
If villager meets requirements then – club member will visit home before selection, give their rates, and villagers are open to housing more than one student
Mention who they should address their letters to.


š  Begin writing: Ensuring that the information you provide answers the question asked by the examiner.


(Types & Structures)

There are different writing styles:

(A) Friendly/ Personal – very impersonal i.e. you are very familiar with the person you are writing to.

(b) Business – formal i.e. do not know/acquainted with the person to whom you are writing.



*This letter takes the business style as it is a club ascertaining the assistance of others.

P.O. Box 65
Salmon Village
14th February, 2011


The Villagers
Salmon Village

Dear Villagers,

We are seeking your assistance in accommodating six *Guadeloupan students, both male and female, for two weeks, from the 20th to 30th September.

The conditions for accommodation include the everyday provision of breakfast and dinner, with lunch included on a Sunday and at least one member of the household should speak French.

If you are able to fulfil these requirements, please send a letter expressing your interest, the number of students to be accommodated and the suggested rates for accommodation to: The Secretary, Old Boys’ Sports Club, P.O. Box 65, Salmon Village, by August 15th. Please note that club members will visit the homes of interested persons on August 20th , after 6p.m. before selections are made.

We thank you for your assistance and look forward to working with you.


Yours respectfully,

Lizzie Charles


*Guadeloupan is a perfect example of a proper noun which can be re-used in your Summary Writing piece

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