Question 5 Answer


The genotypes of the parents are Bb and bb

Phenotype of parents              Black               and                  White

Genotype of parents               BB                   x                      bb

Gametes                                  B, B                                         b, b

If the genotype of the parents are as shown in the diagram above, all the offsprings produced will be all be heterozygous for seed colour. Since the allele B is dominant to b all the offsprings would be black.

Phenotype of parents              Black               and                  White

Genotype of parents               Bb                   x                      bb

Gametes                                  B, b                                         b, b

With the parental genotype as shown above, half of the offsprings produced will be heterozygous, hence they will be black. The other half will be homozygous hence they will be white.

b) -Large numbers of offspring are reproduced very quickly from only one parent when conditions are favourable.
-Large colonies can form that can out-compete other organisms for nutrients and water.
-Large number of organisms mean that species may survive when conditions or the number of predators change.
-Energy is not required to find a mate

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