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ii) Graph A is descending because the strips placed in solution A were loosing water by osmosis hence it was getting smaller. Graph B was ascending because the strips were gaining water by osmosis hence getting larger.

b) To investigate osmosis in potato strip.

c) When potato strips are placed in a more concentrated solution they loose water and become smaller while potato strips placed in a more dilute solution will gain water to become larger.


ii) 1000um = 1mm

1500um= 1.5mm

Magnification = size of drawing/ actual size

= size of drawing/1.5mm

e) i) Diffusion is the movement of particles/molecules of a substance from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration while osmosis is the movement of water molecules from where they are in high concentration to where they are in low concentration across a selectively permeable membrane.

ii) The movement of particles across a living membrane using energy from cell respiration.

iii) Nephron/ ileum (small intestine)/ cell membrane

f) Capillarity- the movement of water up the narrow xylem tubes

Root pressure – As water enters the roots it accumulates in the cells generating a force which helps to push water up the stem. This force is called root pressure

Translocation – the movement of food from where it is manufactured to other parts of the plant

Transpiration – the evaporation of water from the parts of the plant above the ground.

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