Question 1

A student investigating osmosis carried out the following procedure.

5mm strips of potato were made. Half of the number of strips made was placed in solution A and the other placed in solution B. The strips were measured at 30 minute intervals.

The results are shown in the table below.

a) Draw a line graph to represent the data shown in the table.

ii) Account for the differences in the line graphs for solutions A and B.

b) What is a suitable aim for this experiment?

c) What conclusion can be drawn from this data?

d) Draw an annotated diagram to show how a plant cell placed in solution A for an hour would appear.

ii) Given that the actual size of the plant cell you have drawn is 1500um. Calculate the magnification. 1000um = 1mm

e) Substances may move across a cell membrane by osmosis, diffusion or active transport.

i) How does osmosis differ from diffusion?

ii) Define the term ‘active transport’.

iii) Identify one part of the body where active transport takes place.

f) Describe two physical processes, other than the ones mentioned in this question, involved in the movement of water and or manufactured food in plants

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